About Us

What started as a hobby, has now turned out to be a great apparel brand in India and we are proud of it. In Tamil, there is a proverb called "aal pathi aadai paathi" which means that people's behavior as a person is dependent upon the type of clothes he/she wears. At J M Kleren we strongly believe in this and we love providing designs that people are passionate about.

Fun, Practical & Inspiring Designs!

Today, we not only bring you fun and loveable posts on social media, but we also bring you fun, practical, and inspiring designs at an affordable price. We’ve worked extremely hard on customer experience to make shopping as easy and fun as possible.

We thank each and every customer who has trusted us and be a part of our journey, without them we cannot stand where we are now. 

Wear what you believe in! 

-J M Kleren